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May 15 Diablo III   no comments

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“Diablo III ‘: May 15

2012’s hottest games now on on sale on

The “World of Warcraft” Annual Pass Promotion, May 1

Irvine, California – March 15, 2012 – the end of the threshold of Blizzard Entertainment today announced that its highly acclaimed action role-playing game series is about to open a new chapter Sanguinius Blood Angels – “Diablo III” will be held May 15 appearance since the flames of hell.

Since May 15, eager to experience fast-paced action and adventure game players will be able to purchase from retail outlets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan region of China, Hong Kong and Macao Diablo III ‘. In addition, more than regional players and players from Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil will be able to purchase via Blizzard’s site “Diablo III” God, the digital version (ie no physical packaging version).

Player since June 7, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Russia will be able to purchase at a local retail outlets Diablo Diablo III “(boxed version). The number of Russian version of the game will be on sale since June 7. By then, the game will also be available in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, European Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Korean and Traditional Chinese versions.

At the same time, Blizzard Entertainment launched the “Diablo III” God, the digital version of the pre-sale, players from around the world, regardless of the future in the game will choose the wizard, witch doctor, hunting demons, barbarians or monks.

“Our development team has been” Diablo III “has invested years of hard work, the world’s hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic players and the game several months of beta, and now we are entering the final sprint stage. “said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment CEO and co-founder,” In the next two months, we look forward to the final touches and polish the game, and from May 15, global players offer the ultimate action role-playing game experience. ”

U.S. service Diablo Diablo III “will provide different operating system versions. DVD boxed version and digital version suggested retail price of $ 59.99. The special white Collector’s Edition “Diablo III” God will only sale at retail outlets, suggested retail price of $ 99.99. The Collector’s Edition will include complete client of the game DVD, game production behind the scenes Highlights Blu-ray DVD piece, “Diablo III” God, music CD, a 208 “Diablo III” original art collections a capacity of 4GB soul stone U disk (which accommodates a full version of “Diablo Diablo II” and “Diablo II: Lord of Destruction”), Diablo skull base Sanguinius Blood Angels, as well as “Dark Diablo III “,” World of Warcraft “and” StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty TM, “the unique game. “Diablo Diablo III” by the U.S. Entertainment Software Rating Board rated “for adults” Mature.

U.S. service “World of Warcraft” players who wish to get a free opportunity to play “Diablo Diablo III, you can purchase the” World of Warcraft “Annual Pass, the year card is more than 1 million players to buy. Through this promotion, players only need to purchase a year’s dose of “World of Warcraft game time, you can get a free digital edition of Diablo Diablo III”, so that in May 15 a time to enjoy the fun of God III “brought about by the Diablo. In addition, players can also get special mounts a “World of Warcraft” game “World of Warcraft: the mystery of the Panda TM IC packaging and testing qualifications. The promotional activities will be the United States Pacific Time (Daylight Saving Time) on May 1 at 0:01 end.

“Diablo III”, the player will be able to five hero classes – the barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk and hunting magic among choosing one, and countless monster heart alarmed soul of fierce fighting. In order to save the shelter from the flames of hell for forces, the players need to embark on an epic journey all the way through the difficulties and obstacles to growth in the value of experience and capabilities, and extremely powerful equipment. In this process, the main role will also met with the players side by side with fighting or other forms of help players hand.

Use of the advantages of the battle network platform, “Diablo Diablo III will provide players with a strong game matching and communication tool, so that players can seamlessly co-operation, team battle. At the same time, the battle net “Diablo III” God, the auction house to provide a secure infrastructure, the heroes from the shelter to each other can use the feature rich auction all kinds of rare items and equipment transactions. The players can choose the trading of weapons, equipment and items in the auction using game gold; can also choose to receive cash income through transactions in the auction, and revenue is converted into the war the number of outlets, in order to battle net purchase series, including “Diablo III” God, the auction house items, including a variety of digital products, or these cash through third-party payment service (Paypal), as many areas that will be used to take now. More specific information about the cash auction, have been released within the next few weeks.

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Activision Blizzard brewing lay off 600 people   no comments

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March 1 message Activision Blizzard on Wednesday announced that the company Blizzard Entertainment will lay off about 600 employees, but said 90 percent of the number of layoffs and game development has nothing to do, “World of Warcraft development team will not be affected.
The people known as the “World of Warcraft” by Blizzard Entertainment operations, so the layoffs concern. Blizzard said in a statement the current R & D and sale schedule and will not be affected.
The cuts are mainly involved because of development is known in the World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment subsidiary, but the optokinetic the official statement, but stressed that “90% Sanguinius Blood Angels of the retrenched staff are not from the game development department” (allegedly retrenched are from the customer service department) and the world of Warcraft development team this will not be layoffs, the progress of the players are concerned about the mystery of the new piece of information Panda will also continue as usual.
“In the past few years, the company achieved tremendous growth and large-scale investment in order to better serve the global gamers, we also carried out a number of infrastructure. However, with the Blizzard and the industry continues to change, we also had to make some tough decisions to adapt to the changing needs of the company. “Blizzard CEO Mike Mohan (MikeMorhaime) said in a statement.
It is said that just the Office of the Cork, Ireland, laid off 200 customer service staff, in addition to Paris, South America, South Korea, the United States, GM cut some.

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Twilight dragon   no comments

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Twilight dragon on the discipline is a very easy to play high-Boss, you should be a lot of DPScontribution for the team. Retribution paladins is also suitable for apportionment to doTwilight. It is noteworthy that the tentacle sword of discipline in the need to fight this Boss’station that otherwise will encounter the tentacles do Sanguinius Blood Angels .Your second skill should be the last dragon born source of Buff triggered again when cooling is completed, I strongly recommend that if you have the origin of the source of the last dragon, at least you have a plug-in can monitor the trigger.
Raid DPS once you have a 3rd Blackwater stage, do not try to stay too long on the inside, unless you have a full blood treatment. You can do is to open the St. Mary Help of Christians to play a few times, then ran to a Blackwater quickly start and then wait before the end of the Blackwater stage open Shengyou come back to play.not attack the Boss, Bug trigger. I alsorecommend this heroic will to bind a shortcut key.
You should use the Destroyer of the eye and the source of origin of the last dragon. Americansource of the last dragon and your skills and together perfectly.
Opening guarded the 4t11 defense sets of ancient kings, pre-drink syrup, Egg triggered the first time out of your CD skills, or even earlier to open CD skills, because the source of thelast dragon descent trigger rate is so high.
You in light of dying, we must calculate its time, so you go to in the GCD half, when the point ofheroic will of less than one second remaining, you can maximize your DPS. It is worth mentioning that, when a Debuff less than 0.3 seconds, you can easily died, because of theheroic will to be a delay, so you need to pay special attention to.
With the last dragon descent source of the trigger to use the CD skills is the key, even if your3rd skill can not tie to the ancient kings of five minutes after the guard.
Assessed the twilight trial when full of blood in 10% of the nerf with the Divine, you can easilysurvive in any case the priest shield is helpful.

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“Dead space” despot Isaac model $ 275 value for money   no comments

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Office of the famous hand model maker Sideshow has released a limited edition Sanguinius Blood Angels model of a “dead space” hero Isaac Clarke, equipped with the first part of the package, not from the police continued to make clothing, classic despot.

This model will release two versions can be replaced with a hand, another which is not included. Oh, yes, the original classic game HUD interface, the back of the HP tank will also be lighting the Sanguinius Blood Angels stage, and the principle is exactly the same, very handsome.

Isaac Clark model classic domineering end of Christmas in the sale price of $ 275, the absolute wow gold value for Sanguinius Blood Angels money.

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Those firms WOW! “Star Wars: The Old Republic” IGN Ratings released   no comments

Game Name: Star Wars: The Old Republic
English name: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Game type: multi-user online role-playing (Persistent Online RPG)
Game production: BioWare Austin / BioWare
Game publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Release Date: December 20, 2011

After two weeks of trial, the foreign editor of leading free runescape gold entertainment website IGN has finally given the “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” the score for this fee-based gaming masterpiece, IGN editors give a lot of kind words Finally given a total score 9.0 points.

The contents of the Comments:

9.0 overall feeling: the game’s exquisite dialogue and the plot is your free runescape gold greatest motivation to play the game, they do very well. Game UI design somewhat rigid, it should be more flexible.

Performance of the screen 8.5: screen appropriate for your computer will not cause too much pressure, but good to keep the “Star Wars” game’s style.

Sound performance of the 10 points: from beginning to end, have shown extraordinary character of the voice, orchestral tracks the performance of round and free runescape gold complex with the perfect game. All details of the sound emission from the impact of gun sounds to alien voices are talking authentic conversations “Star Wars.”

Started to experience 9.0: PvP combat is very exciting, professional free runescape gold design is very good. Although the complexity of the story line, but that does not make people go astray.

Playable 9.5: a person can give you hundreds of hours of game time, playing a new character will have more fun.

Total points, 9.0 points: amazing

Last Comment:

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” has been completely out some of their doubts, it can be said is an excellent, well-made massively multiplayer online games. Story forward in all aspects of the overall sound is very good, but in PvP Battle added some creative genius. And the Sanguinius Blood Angels game also contains a lot of content to attract players for a long time investment. But it is worth noting that, “Old Republic” is not too much from the standard mechanism for large-scale online games. Many online games are used if the “targeted attacks” fighting for you some annoyance, that you need to play again before pondering pondering. Even so, the “Old Republic” is definitely worth a try. No matter what genre you like, the setting for the role and the overall settings are described as exciting. BioWare also left many can be improved and expanded space, I am looking forward to a few years after the “Old Republic” will develop. You should also be the case.

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CES 2012 Aspect: Windows 8 with the eye control   no comments

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In next week’s CES 2012, the Swedish company Tobii eye-tracking program shows an interactive tool, called Gaze, this tool is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 Metro user Sanguinius Blood Angels interface, if you do not want to use the vertical touch screen or mouse to control the Metro interface, Gaze is a relatively good program.

Gaze is a rectangular compression equipment – than the current 8-inch TobiiIS-1 is small, placed in the bottom of your notebook screen to track your eye. You can activate it by clicking touch pad, it takes a few seconds to find the pupil of your eye through the algorithm to calculate the Sanguinius Blood Angels point. It also has a virtual “head movement range” to indicate the device can track your eye area.

Tobii said Gaze can track you are looking at 1 / 4 inch Live Tile or icon, and the smaller free runescape gold icons or text, or you can also use the trackpad to move the pointer. Gaze from the following Sanguinius Blood Angels demo video can be seen in, in line with actual use still need to use the touchpad, for example, run the application:

Tobii does not plan to sell directly to consumers Gaze, it is clear that the discussion will be built and computer manufacturers the equipment to do Gaze. Microsoft attendance in the last session of the CES, Microsoft’s booth will showcase the eye-tracking technology.

Tobii Since its inception in 2001, has mastered the 13 eye-tracking patents. If the integration of Microsoft Kinect will inevitably have to eye-tracking technology and Tobii contact, of course, the acquisition is not impossible.

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